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  • Our Mission

    To Provide YOU with the Tools, Abilities and Mental Skills to Protect YOURSELF and YOUR Loved Ones from Society’s Predators.

    Training Courses:

    May 17th to 19th. Close Protection Firearms Course.

    Location: Suwalki, East Poland.


    Course Overview

    This course is designed as a CPD event for security personnel, who may not have a Law Enforcement or Military background.


    The course serves to develop both a safe and an effective pistol shooter. As such, we start at the bare bones by taking a weapon apart and putting it back together, whilst learning the basics of weapon handling and range safety. We have been fortunate to host courses for several learners who have become 'rusty' around weapons and simply need to 'upgrade' their skills to make them workable again.


    Once an understanding of Weapon Safety and the basics of shooting, has been established, the rest of the course is spent in live fire drills, culminating in exercises to test your newly learned skills.


    Our contact details are below.

  • Armed Aggressor Response Training

    Training for civilians and employees.

    Emergency Response To An Armed Aggressor

    This session combines classroom and scenario based training, which can be done at your actual place of work

    In light of the recent Terror attacks in Europe and the United Kingdom, Tactical Training Options has developed a training seminar and CPD event, designed to prepare managers and employees of businesses, schools, hospitals – in fact anyone, on how to respond effectively during an Armed Aggressor and Active-shooter situation.

    The 'Lone Wolf Attack' and the 'Active Shooter Incident' are phrases which are becoming all too common in the news these days. In the USA these attackers tend to utilise firearms, whereas in the United Kingdom and Europe, whilst firearms are being used in attacks, edged weapons (knives, machetes etc.) are becoming more prominent.

    You don't have to be a helpless victim!

    There are things you can learn to increase your survivability. We can teach you how you can survive.

    This half day training course is designed to maximize the initial efforts of individuals and staff to afford the best chance of survival and to minimize casualties. Previous courses have included law enforcement, school administrators, teachers and private company personnel.

    The ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ programme is sound advice. This course explores circumstances where running and hiding are no longer an option.

    This curriculum focuses on armed intruder profiles, what they do and what we can do to survive. We also explore the police response to such incidents.

    During the training, we will review and explore:

    · Past incidents & lessons learned.

    · Emergency procedures, decision making under pressure and escape drills

    · Ad-hoc barricading, improvised weapons and cover/concealment techniques

    Attendees should wear loose-fitting clothing and be able to perform minimal physical skills associated with rapid movement in escape drills. You may also be required to crouch, crawl, or lay prone during scenarios.


    Protective Convoy Drivers Course

    VIP Driving Skills to Enhance the Safety of Your Drivers

    This 2 day course aims to develop the skills, techniques and tactics required for safe and efficient driving for a wide range of operational requirements and is aimed at chauffeurs, close protection operatives, fleet drivers and professionals who require specialist driving skills. The offshoot is that these skills also enhance your personal driving when driving your family and close ones around.

    From the moment you exit your home to the arrival at the work-place, school, premises, back home or just out to the social get-together. You will learn how to manage first of all you, then your car and the environment you pass through whilst driving.


    The training we provide will make you more aware of your environment and any potential threats within it. By the end of the course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the UK National Standards relating to:


    • Advanced Driving Techniques
    • VIP Protective Driving Techniques
    • Enhanced Knowledge & Skills for Motorway Driving
    • Theoretical & Practical Route Planning


    Courses are delivered by highly experienced former emergency service instructors, whose expert knowledge and wide­ ranging practical skills are delivered with passion and enthusiasm, to ensure our students become the best drivers they are able to be.

    This two day course is customised for each client’s requirements and can be delivered at any location to suit the clients’ requirements.

  • Personal Safety Training

    Bespoke Personal Protection Training: Shaped to Your Needs.

    Personal Safety Workshop

    The Skills and Knowledge to stay safe.

    This Personal Safety Training Course is run over a full day and is aimed at businesses, schools and colleges.


    For all employees who have to face risks to their personal safety from customers or service users.


    Course Overview

    The course raises understanding of the background and potential risks associated with dealing with potentially violent people. Employees learn skills to conduct a Dynamic Risk Assessment and to manage their own verbal and non-verbal skills in order to calm confrontations.


    If required, the course can include a scenario based, physical self defence session. This method is a simple system of protecting yourself, based solely on human behaviour. More importantly, because of its simplicity and its scenario based training method; it is also easily recalled in the adrenaline charged turmoil of a real confrontation. This training enables people of all ages and sizes to learn how to defend themselves effectively.


    By the end of the Personal Safety Training Course participants will be better able to:

    • Identify in what circumstances people get angry and aggressive
    • Recognise different stages of conflict escalation
    • Understand the importance of awareness in their daily lives
    • Recognise when their body is responding to a threat
    • Demonstrate skills they can use to calm a situation
    • Possess simple, but very effective physical skills which will make them safe
  • Bespoke Firearms Training

    For Law Enforcement, Close Protection and genuine enthusiasts

    Defensive Pistol

    Three day defensive pistol course.

    This training, due to the structure of teaching, serves as either an introduction to the use of the handgun for beginners or as further development for students with some operational or previous training experience in the use of firearms. You will learn tried and tested methods, developed by real world experience.


    This method of close quarter shooting is designed for the operator who may find himself up close and personal with a deadly threat, where there is little time to react.


    This class is designed for the individual with little or no defensive firearms experience. Our goal in this class is not just to teach you to shoot, but to teach you to fight with a firearm to protect your self and your loved ones. The Basic Personal Protection Course may be the most useful and exciting class you’ll ever take. This introductory course provides hands-on training to ensure that you become competent and confident with a firearms. The class is especially suited for men and women who are new shooters, but can be very informative to veteran shooters as well.

    Carbine & Shotgun

    Learn how to handle the most potent shoulder weapons properly for self-defence. This course includes topics such as:

    • Loading Techniques
    • Multiple Targets
    • Shooting on the move
    • Shooting Techniques

    ...and much more.


  • Security Professionals & Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics

    Basic Defensive Tactics Skills for proven effectiveness

    Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (MDTS)

    This 8 hour, highly dynamic course shows you how to use your own body weapons for protection against attack. The course is aimed at Law Enforcement and Security professionals, who want instruction in how to use their personal weapons for subject control and handcuffing.

    The Monadnock Defensive Tactics System (MDTS) is a basic self-defence and subject control program designed for entry level or veteran criminal justice officers. The focus of MDTS is to teach students how to control and stabilize non-compliant subjects who are unarmed. MDTS is a general defensive tactics program rather than a specialized course like those listed.


    The Monadnock Defensive Tactics System represents a platform from which other essential officer safety skills maybe more easily learned such as, but not limited to, aerosol OC use, baton use, ground-fighting/survival skills, multiple attackers defence, or firearm defence/weapons retention skills. The skills of MDTS ensure greater officer safety/survival confidence, as well as professionalism, in the face of less-lethal, non-compliant subject behaviour.


    ASP Expandable Baton Course

    ASP techniques are remembered and used on the street

    long after training ends.

    The ASP Expandable Baton Course is specifically designed for Law Enforcement, Security Officers, and other industry professionals. All techniques taught work on the street and not just in the classroom. They are court defensible and backed by the nation’s most experienced use of force consultants.


    The course is meant to provide the student with an understanding of the conditions in which the baton may be used, justification for use, and how to document these actions. The course goes into great depth on Carrying, Drawing, Striking techniques, Mechanical function, and Maintenance.


    The training incorporates drills which simulate the wide variety of street encounters which may require the use of an expandable baton. The class provides efficient defensive impact weapon tactics for personnel without long hours of training. The tactics are quickly learned, easily practiced, and readily maintained.


    This course provides techniques that work 90% of the time on 90% of subjects. Students retain the ability to disengage or escalate as the situation may require. Upon completion of the course student will receive a certification card in the mail. The ASP Baton certification is a lifetime certification that does not expire. Certification acknowledges that the individual officer met a competency-based standard of knowledge and performance.


    The baton remains a formidable police weapon. But like any weapon, its effectiveness will depend on its application, the type of baton used, as well as the training time and physical strength of the officer utilizing it. Don’t short change your baton training. If the officer needs it, s/he will need to be effective with it. Good equipment and good training will make this possible.

    Explosive Self Defensive System

    Maximum combat Skills in the Minimum Time

    The Explosive Self Defence System (ESDS) is a simple method of protecting yourself, based solely on human behaviour. It is not a martial art, although it is practiced by many Martial Artists.


    ESDS has none of the complexities which usually accompany combat arts. It certainly has no hidden depths: what you see is all there is to it. There are no secrets in ESDS; it is simple because it has to be. (please read the article near the bottom of this page)

  • Accredited Training Courses

    Some of the training courses we deliver.

    HABC Level III Award in Close Protection.

    14 Days duration: 140 hours

    The role of a Close Protection Operative is as varied as it is challenging. As a Close Protection Operative, you could find yourself protecting celebrities, politicians and diplomats, visiting dignitaries and sports stars.


    We have delivered training in the Level III Award in Close Protection both in the UK and abroad: in South Africa, France, Spain and Malaysia.


    Close Protection Operatives must have attended an accredited Close Protection course prior to attaining this licence.



    HABC Level II Award in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events

    This accredited qualification is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn how to become a safety steward at events such as sports, music festivals, concerts, parades or carnivals.

    This qualification provides the knowledge of how to prepare for events, control entry and exit of customers, identify and deal with crowd problems and respond to emergencies. Subjects covered include preparation for spectator events, control of spectators at events, assessment of crowds and responses to potential crowd problems at spectator events and response to injuries, illnesses and other emergencies


    This qualification is usually achieved by taking a 5 day course.

    It is assessed through the successful completion of the learner’s workbook provided by HABC during the course.




    HABC Level II Award in Conflict Management

    Peace is not the absence of conflict,

    but the ability to cope with it

    There are not many front line jobs around that do not involve some form of conflict. It tends to be uncomfortable when conflict arises and can make your staff react in ways that they would not normally.


    The HABC Level 2 Award in Conflict Management is appropriate for a wide range of sectors and is suitable for anyone who has a customer facing role, deals with service users or the public. Talk to us today to find out why our customers come back time and time again to have their staff trained by us



  • Our Services

    We are a small group of associates, with a vast number of various skills in the field of Personal Safety, Conflict Management and Physical Intervention Skills. We have placed Close Protection teams in many civilian environments, from facilitating high network business meetings in Europe, to celebrity events in the UK. The founder of MDC Consultants has served in civilian Executive Close Protection roles both in the UK and internationally, in particular Slovakia, Austria, South Africa & France and is currently providing Close Protection services for a high profile company within the UK.

  • About

    We're on a mission to ensure that your interactions with others are safer and more productive.

    Martin Cooper AMTLA M.Pol Ed

    With 30 years of front line Law Enforcement service and 13 years working in the private sector, Martin has a wealth of experience in dealing with conflict and violence. He currently provides Close Protection services in the UK and abroad and now consults in the Close Protection and Personal Safety field.


    He is a member of the Institute of Conflict Management and is an accredited trainer of the Level III Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry (ROF) and also delivers Self Protection training to lone workers and field researchers.

    Martin regularly travel to Europe, to deliver training in firearms and close quarter combat. He delivered training for the Swedish National Police in close quarter firearms deployment, as an aspect of their Active Shooter Program and recently delivered Personal Protection training on behalf of the Polish Prison Service.

    Martin is a board member of the International Police Association's, Defensive Tactics Group. The IPA is the world's largest independent police membership organisation, with membership spanning the globe. He is also the UK's lead instructor in the International Police Defensive Tactics Association.


    Martin has trained in the Martial Arts since 1972, originally involved in Police Amateur Wrestling, he went on to train in Shotokan Karate and eventually trained in the Bujinkan for many years. His background in Law Enforcement training encompasses Defensive Tactics and Defensive Firearms Skills.


    If you would like to know more, or have any questions, please use the contact box below, or simply call. We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Clips of Our Training Seminars

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Weapon Retention & Subject Control

    We look at using the same technique to fulfil different aims

    The Chin Jab

    How the Chin Jab can be utilised by LEO's when up close with a subject

    The Edge of Hand Blow

    The Edge of Hand blow can also get you out of trouble when in close

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  • What Others are Saying

    We always strive for the best.

    Richard Dean. Founder and Principle Trainer at Horizon Training

    "Martin Cooper, simply one of a kind !!!"

    "Practically focused, very credible, and with an enormous experience of dealing with the harsher, darker side of society.

    I've seen Martin present to large groups of international Police Officers, to audiences of Business Continuity experts, and to groups of HR Professionals and hold their attention throughout the event. And that's not easy.

    Martin's subject matter is difficult for many people to hear, yet because of the manner in which he presents his ideas, people walk away from them with a sense of real insight, practical understanding and self confidence which can literally save their lives.

    Martin is one of the very few people I would co-train with, simple because he brings so much to the event."


    Steve S. Project Security Manager, Libya

    "Having done my Close Protection level 3 Training with Martin, I can honestly say i am glad i did it with him. His extensive knowledge in this sector was exceptional and the real life situations he explained to the class made sense when conducting training scenarios when out with the public on Training exercises, his calm manner and clear way of teaching makes him a great instructor. And i would highly recommend him."


    Dave P. Law Enforcement

    "I would highly recommend Martin as worked with him on the firearms team truly a font of all knowledge and experienced beyond belief."


    Rob S. Law Enforcement trainer

    "I have trained and taught alongside Martin for many years and can vouch for his authenticity. You get what it says on the tin. Very friendly with no ego and a good sense of humour. If you need training in the field of conflict management then definitely give him a try."


  • People who are important to us


    Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance

    Accredited Training

    Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance (HABC) is the UK and Middle East’s leading supplier of compliance qualifications and apprenticeships. Our Conflict Management and Close Protection courses are HABC accredited.

    International Police Association Defensive Tactics Group

    Training and Education in Conflict Management

    and Personal Safety

    The IPA – DTG is for like-minded serving or retired members of law-enforcement community who have a particular interest in the subjects surrounding reality based self-defence and conflict survival.


    The DTG are an officially recognised special interest group of the International Police Association since January 2013.


    The International Police Association (IPA) is a worldwide membership organisation for serving and retired police Officers and members of the police community across the world.

    Explosive Self Defence System

    A Simple Method of Learning how to Protect Yourself

    The Explosive Self Defence System (ESDS) is a simple method of protecting yourself, based solely on human behaviour. It is not a martial art, although it is practiced by many Martial Artists. It has none of the complexities which usually accompany martial arts. It certainly has no hidden depths: what you see is all there is to it. There are no secrets in ESDS; it is simple because it has to be.


    ESDS is easily learned and easily retained. More importantly, because of its simplicity and its scenario based training methods; it is also easily recalled in the adrenaline charged turmoil of a real confrontation. Our methods enable people of all ages and sizes to learn how to defend themselves. All we do is develop that ability to strike powerfully and assertively, so that in the eventuality that you have to fight, you do so hard and fast; thus the fight ends very quickly, with a minimum of damage to both you and the adversary -in this modern, litigious age that fact alone can be important to a great many people.


    The goal of all our training is to give an average student maximum combat skills in the shortest possible time. Our methods have been taught in a number of British police forces and have become an integral part of some of the specialised training provided to Close Protection Officers and firearms officers. We have provided training to the Health Care community and a medical university, both of which place staff into places of potential risk.


    The Institute of Conflict Management

    The ICM: Results through cooperation not confrontation

    The ICM is a not for profit, independent organisation incorporated to develop strategies and standards to help reduce, and where possible eliminate, the risk associated with incidents of challenging, aggressive and violent behaviours. The ICM works across all sectors and at all levels to achieve this aim.


    The Teaching & Learning Academy

    The Teaching & Learning Academy is an innovative way of helping teachers and those working in support roles in schools/other educational settings to improve their practice and gain professional recognition for doing so.

    The Academy is making a significant impact across the UK through a unique combination of recognised and accredited activity that has been designed to improve professional practice for all staff.

    Read more at https://www.canterbury.ac.uk/education/our-work/research-knowledge-exchange/teaching-and-learning-academy/teaching-and-learning-academy.aspx#2pyxYtGK6tQPQpm3.99


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